Hi I'm Matthew, I'm a full stack developer. I love travelling, eating and coding stuff.

What I can do.

I'm predominantly a full stack .Net and Android developer but not limited to just these.

I like to code regardless of language or project and some diffrent types of projects I have worked on are WPF, .Net Web Api, WCF, MVC4/5, Android, Wordpress, Umbraco, Laveral, Node.js, PhoneGap, Corona SDK and Python scripting.

A bit about me.

When I'm not coding I'm usally eating and if I'm not eating (highly unlikely) I maybe travelling.

My favorite foods are from Asia, so I guess it's no suprise that's where I travel to the most. From fried dumplings to korean pancakes to sisig to taiwanese beef noodle, these are just a few of my fav foods.